ImSpector - imaging spectrographs

Thanks to outstanding precision, durability and functionality, SPECIM imaging spectrographs are widely employed in the most advanced satellites and in continuous industrial processes. When reliability counts, SPECIM Imspector is the device used to convert an industrial digital camera into a powerful hyperspectral imaging device.

All the components of a SPECIM Imaging Spectrograph are optimised for the targeted spectral range at the desired spatial and spectral resolution, to provide unmatched value for the customer application.

Each individual ImSpector undergoes stringent examination and testing, epitomizing the values that have made Imspector the first and foremost symbol of hyperspectral imaging.

SPECIM imaging spectrographs:

Standard series – workhorse for industrial applications

The Standard series of ImSpectors are cost-effective imaging spectrographs designed for basic industrial applications. The spectrograph is available for 2/3” and 1/2” sensors.

Enhanced series – reliability and accuracy

The Enhanced series provide superior performance at a moderate cost. “E”-series imaging spectrographs are designed for applications that require high spatial or spectral resolution. They have advanced optical design with very low aberrations and fit large size detectors with more and smaller pixels.

M-series – absolute performance in hyperspectral imaging

SPECIM M-series imaging spectrographs represent technological perfection, breath-taking accuracy in hyperspectral imaging. A practically aberration free design with High Resolution Optics and the possibility to use a larger detector than ever before combined with low weight and compact size.