In the early 1990’s, thanks to more than 10 years of intensive scientific research done by the VTT Technical Research Centre, the SPECIM Founders designed the first professional hyperspectral spectrographs and imagers. These first commercially available spectrographs were developed in close collaboration with NASA to meet the requirements of the most advanced applications in remote sensing.

To this day, in order to reach the high-ends of precision, durability and functionality, SPECIM has been in the forefront with new technological solutions applied to hyperspectral imaging. World class research, business, and defense organizations are relying on Specim quality when performance and reliability matters.

Today, SPECIM’s in-depth hyperspectral knowledge and extensive expertise in optical engineering are unmatched. More than 4 000 instruments and spectrographs delivered and in daily use, SPECIM continues as the technological leader in the realm of hyperspectral imaging.

Specim Oy kehittää laatujärjestelmää, joka mahdollistaa yritykselle entistä tehokkaamman toiminnan sekä tuotteiden hallinnan systemaattisella ja mitattavissa olevalla tavalla. Kehitys tapahtuu seuraten ISO9001:2015 mukaisia laatuperiaatteita. Laatujärjestelmä tullaan sertifioimaan lähitulevaisuudessa, jolloin se myös parantaa yrityksen imagoa asiakkaiden keskuudessa sekä mahdollistaa tuotteiden tarjoamisen asiakkaille, jotka vaativat yritykseltä sertifioitua laatujärjestelmää.

Specim Oy on saanut kehityshankkeeseen tukea Euroopan aluekehitysrahaston tuesta.


Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd is developing Quality Management System for its use. QMS follows ISO9001:2015 and enables more efficient operation and product management in a systematic way utilizing metric. Specim QMS will be certified in the near future further improving company image in the eyes of customers and collaborators. It also gives company opportunities to offer products and services when supplier must have a certified QMS in place.

Specim has received European Regional Development Fund funding to support the development.



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