Spectral Camera

Specim’s high-end LWIR cameras are designed for chemical imaging in the thermal “fingerprint” infrared range for industrial, environmental and defense applications.

Thermal hyperspectral imaging provides information that cannot be achieved by conventional spectral imagers. Most materials have characteristic spectral signatures in the MWIR (3 – 5 µm) and/or LWIR (8 – 12 µm) spectral range. A broader range of materials can be detected, mapped and sorted in these spectral ranges, leading to significantly higher specificity over the VNIR and SWIR imaging systems.

Specim’s high-sensitivity Spectral Camera OWL and industrial LWIR-HS imagers employ innovative technology exploiting the benefits of reflective and refractive optics to achieve the highest performance in a compact device.

Spectral Camera LWIR HS integrates an uncooled detector and optics. It is a compact (only 3.5 kg) and versatile tool for a wide variety of applications. HS (high sensitivity model) covers the spectral range 8 – 12 µm. It has 30 spectral bands and spectral sampling of 200 nm. With a good sensitivity and moderate spectral resolution, HS is suitable for many industrial and Chemical Imaging applications.


  • 8 – 12 µm
  • 384 x 30 pixels
  • 60 Hz (full frame)


  • Geological mapping
  • Mineral classification
  • Volcanology
  • Water temperature
  • Camouflage detection
  • Gas detection
  • Flame analysis
  • Land cover type recognition
LWIR HS - Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd.