Spectral Camera

Specim is offering a basic spectral camera for MWIR applications. It consists of high-speed or high-resolution cooled InSb sensor and Specim M-series imaging spectrograph optimised for this wavelength range. The system is optimal for high-speed industrial or high-resolution research applications. The main applications for MWIR range spectral imaging are sorting of black polymers and detection of minerals in geology.

Specim’s Spectral Camera is an integrated combination of an ImSpector imaging spectrograph and an area monochrome camera. It works as a push-broom type line scan camera providing full, contiguous spectral information for each pixel in the line.

Specim is offering a new Spectral Camera model for the 3 – 5 µm Thermal range to enable new hyperspectral imaging applications.

The camera utilizing ImSpector M50M imaging spectrograph is available with two InSb sensors; 320 x 256 pixels version, providing the extremely high framerate required in the industrial process control applications and 640 x 512 pixels version providing higher resolution for research applications. The combination is usable in the laboratory and industrial conditions. The lifetime of the used sensors cooling is approximately 10 000 h.

Specim offers also two possibilities for the fore objective to fully match the optical performance of the used imaging spectrograph.


  • 2.7 – 5.5 µm
  • 35 nm


  • Black polymer sorting
  • Geology
  • Gas detection
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