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Chemical imaging is one of the most powerful non-destructive technologies, enabling advanced machine vision solutions for production, recycling, and quality control. Hyperspectral imaging provides consistent and reliable methods for all colour management applications with absolute precision.

Our customers have stated that hyperspectral imaging generates an in depth understanding of processes and phenomena, enabling process control capabilities not seen before.


With our solid understanding of hyperspectral imaging, we have been able to carefully optimize all the components of the Specim imagers into complete and unmatched spectral camera solutions. These fully calibrated hyperspectral line cameras accurately measure the full spectrum for each image pixel simultaneously, with extreme reliability year after year.

All Specim products have outstanding image quality with excellent light throughput, leading to speed and high performance. Specim hyperspectral imagers are designed for applications ranging from precise color measurements to advanced chemical imaging.


Thanks to outstanding precision, durability and functionality, Specim imaging spectrographs are widely employed in the most advanced satellites and in continuous industrial processes. When reliability counts, Specim Imspector is the device used to convert an industrial digital camera into a powerful hyperspectral imaging device.

All the components of a Specim Imaging Spectrograph are optimised for the targeted spectral range at the desired spatial and spectral resolution, to provide unmatched value for the customer application. Each individual ImSpector undergoes stringent examination and testing, epitomizing the values that have made Imspector the first and foremost symbol of hyperspectral imaging.


We can help you to choose the right hyperspectral system for your specific application

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