Specim IQ App Contest 2019-04-05T11:08:59+00:00

What problem would you solve with Specim IQ?

Join our mission of making spectral imaging easy and share your vision of tomorrow’s hyperspectral imaging application!

The Specim IQ App Contest, organized by Specim, is first of its kind. It is a chance for participants from various fields to create novel innovative applications by utilizing the unique capabilities of the Specim IQ.

Hyperspectral imaging technology is advancing at a huge speed, and in the future, we are likely to see equipment that is suitable not only for businesses but also for consumers.

To achieve that, it is not enough to develop the equipment – we also need applications that are useful and easy to use. This is why we invite all of you to come up with ideas for the next groundbreaking hyperspectral imaging application!

Questions? Email iqappcontest(at)specim.fi