Specim, Spectral Imaging Ltd. has recently signed agreements with three companies to reinforce its current distributor network. These companies will sell Specim hyperspectral cameras, systems and accessories.

Tech Imaging Services – United States

With over 35 years of applied experience, Tech Imaging Services combines its vast high-speed imaging knowledge with today’s most advanced technology to provide state-of-the-art high-speed cameras and the highest quality professional services available in the imaging industry. Throughout the years, Tech Imaging Services has represented several high-speed camera manufacturers including Eastman Kodak, Redlake, NAC, AOS Technologies, Fastec, and Photron.

From left: Mr Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director of Specim, Mr. Jason O’Connell, Vice President of Tech Imaging Services, Mr Jay Primo, Sales and Marketing

Blue Line Associates – United States

Blue Line Associates is an independent sales organisation specialising in Color Management, Accelerated Environmental Test Instrumentation and Electro-Optic Instruments. Blue Line Associates has been representing high-tech manufacturers on the west coast since 1990.

From left: Mr. Mikko Kannelsuo, Sales & Marketing Director, Mr. Rudy Garza, Owner of Blue Line Associates


Since 1997, DATVISION is leading Image processing and component provider specialised in machine vision solutions in the Republic of Korea. They have been working as a partner with well-known companies like BASLER, Schneider and RICOH and providing machine vision components to a number of companies and R&D centres and universities.

Datvision and Specim at the Korean Vision 2017 tradeshow.